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Wasp Nest Removal Auckland, NZ.

Eco Home Services provides an affordable and reliable wasp control service in Auckland, NZ. We’ll take care of those pesky pests quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy your space worry-free!


Wasps can be dangerous so we treat them with utmost urgency.

Are You Seeing…

  • Wasps under the roof tiles, roof or wall cavity?
  • Wasp’s nest underground or inside the wall?
  • Wasp’s nest on the fence, soffits, tree, retaining wall?

Don’t get stung by these pesky blokes.

  • A single wasp sting to most of us is very painful and may cause discomfort for a few days, but for the 10% of people who are allergic, a sting can become life-threatening if not treated quickly.
  • If you get too close to a wasp nest or even worse disturb it, wasps will attack and multiple stings are a serious and sometimes life-threatening situation, even for those without an allergy to their sting.

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