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Best Ant Treatment in Auckland, NZ.

Get rid of your pesky ant problem for good with Eco Home Services! Our affordable and effective treatment is the best in Auckland and will make your property ant-free in no time.


Signs That You’ve Got Ants at Home or Workplace.

  • One of the most obvious signs of an ant infestation is seeing ants crawling around your home or office. They may be moving in single-file lines or swarming in large groups.
  • Another sign is finding small piles of dirt or debris near walls, baseboards, and other areas where ants may be entering your home.
  • You may also notice small holes and cracks in walls and floors where ants are entering and exiting.
  • Other signs include finding food crumbs and spill on countertops, floors, and other surfaces that attract ants.

If you’ve got any of these signs it’s time to call in pest professionals like Eco Home Services.

Call us today and make your property ants-free.

  • Ants can cause damage to your property by burrowing through wood and other materials.
  • Ants can be difficult to control once they have established a colony in your home or yard.
  • Ants can contaminate food and surfaces with bacteria and other pathogens.
  • Ants can bite or sting people and pets, causing pain and discomfort.
  • Ants can attract other pests like spiders and cockroaches.

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