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About Us

Welcome to eco home services

Locally owned and operated “Eco Home Services” provides a wide range of home services to the highest quality standards. Our professional team is committed to using best practice methods and top-class advanced equipment that justify customer satisfaction and keeps the environment/property in check.


Pest Control & Exterior Cleaning Services


Get rid of Rats & Mice

Rodents carry many different diseases that can be transmitted to people.


Get rid of Cockroaches

Do not let these creepy crawlies invade your house, Cockroaches spread…


Get rid of Flea

Fleas are small tiny blood-sucking insects that feed mostly off cats, dogs, humans…


Get rid of Bedbugs

Bedbugs are small tiny blood-sucking insects that feed mostly off cats, dogs…


Ants Removal

Don’t let these ants come inside your home. Do you have an ant infestation…


Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps are quite common in New Zealand throughout the dry summer…


Carpet Beetle Control

Is your Home infested with Carpet beetles? Eco pest control is here to help you…


Fly & Fruit Flies Control

Flies are generally found in organic matter, decaying vegetation, animal excrement…


Spider Removal

Spiders, that creepy crawlies making way into your houses and can be a health…